Here at Hatherley Infant School, our Geography curriculum aims to stimulate children’s interest in and curiosity about their surroundings.

Our teaching gives the children an understanding of places, the human and physical processes which shape them, and the people who live in them. We aim to enable our children to ask and answer questions about the natural and human world in which they live.

Children learn about their local area and compare their life in this area with that in other regions in the United Kingdom and in the rest of the world.

Through our Geography teaching, our children acquire and develop skills of enquiry, observation, and how to collect and sort data. They also learn how to use, draw and interpret maps; thus developing their skills of research, investigation, analysis and problem-solving.

Through their growing knowledge and understanding of human geography, children at Hatherley gain an appreciation of life in other cultures. As a culturally diverse school, we celebrate links which many of our families have with family members across the wider world; supporting their learning about international citizenship as well as deepening their knowledge of other cultural beliefs.

Through our Geography curriculum, we aim to help pupils make sense of their surroundings and of the wider world; and inspire a sense of responsibility for the environment.